Diogo Jota is currently the number one FIFA player in the world on PlayStation

Diogo Jota isn’t just a great footballer in real life, but he’s also incredible at FIFA. The Portuguese attacker is now the number one ranked player on Earth in the PlayStation leaderboards.

Diogo Jota’s knee injury has left him sidelined since facing FC Midtjylland on December 9 in the Champions League. The 24-year-old has been sorely missed by the champions of England, as his goal return since joining from Wolves has been nothing short of fantastic.

The time off has clearly given Diogo some time to himself, as the winger is currently ranked number one in the world on the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions leaderboard– A position usually reserved for professional gamers and streamers.

Diogo has gone 30-0 in this weekend’s weekend league so far, leaving him top of the global leaderboard, ahead of some of the world’s best players.

Jota is no stranger to competitive FIFA and has gone 30-0 in the weekend league before. He also won the ePremier League Invitational final in April after beating Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final.

Fans will be hoping he returns to action in real life shortly, bringing his FIFA form with him when he does!