Does the Super League’s branding give clues to the future of the idea?

The proposed “Super League” recently revealed their website to the world, and their branding could give us an insight as to what they’re planning with the format. 

The European Super League proposal has been widely criticised by fans, pundits, and critics alike, with many calling the “competition” selfish, greedy, and non-competitive. 

The format involves all 6 of the “traditional big 6” in England, including Liverpool- all of which would be immune from relegation from the division. 

The founding members released their branding and website on Sunday, revealing which teams from around Europe’s top leagues will be involved, and their future plans are clear to see if you look at the very name of the competition. 

The division has been named the “European Super League” by many in the media, but the actual brand name for the idea doesn’t specify actual geographical boundaries. 

The website ( DOES call the format a European competition, but only in the subtext of the site. The name of the competition is not the “European Super League” but “THE Super League”. 

The name of the format implies that the competition could one day expand, which of course, they inevitably will in order to earn even more money (there will never be an amount that they believe is enough). 

It’s not beyond belief to imagine the Super League’s expansion in a few years, inviting the top MLS teams to ‘compete’ against Europe’s top sides on the big stage. They will sell that idea like they have sold this one- “It’s the future of the game!”.

The precedent has already been set for this idea in other sports, as the NFL currently has games being played in the UK, with Tottenham’s new stadium being built with an American Football pitch installed in order to allow them to host the games. While this is great for UK-based NFL fans, the homegrown fans of the teams are unable to watch their clubs play on a regular basis due to the distance that they would be required to travel.

It’s already going to be impossible for local Liverpool fans to attend Super League games across Europe every week, and the inevitable expansion of the competition will only make things worse.

“Liverpool FC vs Inter Miami, live from the Red Sox Arena, brought to you by Pepsi™” 

No thanks.