Jurgen Klopp’s Post-Match Thoughts After The Arsenal Defeat

Liverpool’s dream of setting a new Premier League points record is over after tonight’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal at The Emirates. Jurgen Klopp has given his reaction to the result, and where the club will go from here.

Sadio Mane fired Liverpool into the lead in the first half in London, but uncharacteristic mistakes from our number 4 and our number 1 handed Arsenal the lead before the break. Arsenal held out despite the constant pressure and handed Liverpool our 3rd Premier League loss of the season.

When asked about Liverpool’s errors

“We were very dominant, a lot of good football. In the end, why are we in the situation we are? Because we are a very good football team and we usually work on a concentration level that is nearly unhuman. Today we made some human errors, which is not so nice but not completely surprising that it can happen whenever. Tonight it happened.”

“Usually, we learn from situations like this, we will do that now again. The boys don’t want to hide or say, ‘It’s not my fault’ or whatever, that’s all clear on the table. But around that, I don’t think I ever played a game with 24 to three shots against Arsenal, I can’t remember that. There are a lot of goals usually when we play against each other, but not that many tonight – at least on our side. But that dominance we never had before, I can’t remember it at least. So I’m happy about that.”

“But that’s not the only thing, because it’s a results game and we want to have results. We don’t have one tonight.”

“We are very self-critical; we take that now and try to improve in this department, because after our ‘break’ when we conceded the goals, we were in charge again and played a good game. But when you have to chase a game and they are throwing in everything, it’s getting a bit annoying because of time play and they try everything – it’s normal, no offence, it’s normal – but that doesn’t help.”

“It’s better you are 1-0 up and score the second one, then you are in a flow and the other team doesn’t know exactly what to do. Now they just knew, ‘We have to defend it with all we have.’ They did that and so they deserve the three points.”

On a good performance resulting in a loss

“In the end, it’s more important for me that we can play this kind of football. That’s, for me, more important. We know of course we have to finish the situations off but first of all you have to create these kind of situations.”

“It takes years to play this kind of football, it’s not that you can just say, ‘Oh, that’s nice, I want to play [like] that as well’, it takes really time. We developed and the boys do it now – it fits more natural, I like what we do.”