Should Rhian Brewster return to Liverpool for next season?

The 20-year-old attacker made an immediate impact after joining Swansea City on loan in the 19/20 campaign, so it is time for him to return to Anfield?

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Rhian Brewster’s impact at Swansea City proved immediately what Liverpool fans have known for a while- He is too good for any level below the Premier League, but can he step up and fill a roll at the Champions of England in the upcoming season?

The English striker scored 10 goals in league 20 appearances for Swansea last season, goals which ultimately led the Welsh side to the Championship playoffs. It wasn’t just the number of goals that impressed his managers, the manner of his finishing hinted at a player who will be capable backup for a player or Roberto Firmino’s quality.

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When asked about Brewster’s loan spell in early July, Jurgen Klopp refused to comment on the striker’s future at Liverpool, but did comment on how important the loan can be for his development.

“The plan with Rhian we will talk to Rhian and not here. But it was unbelievably important and I’m really happy we had the opportunity to do so.” Said Klopp.

“He played a good season and Rhian showed his talent.”

“For the moment it’s nearly perfect but how it will be next year we will talk with him and his representatives.”

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Another factor consider in regards to Brewster’s future is the current transfer market and the effect that COVID-19 has had an the global economy.

Liverpool are set to join the majority of big clubs whose spending power will be limited as clubs reassess their finances amid the recovery from the global pandemic. Advertiser incomes are set to reduce as the Premier League adapts to the ‘new normal’ of world football, which will make clubs that rely on being self-sufficient be particularly careful with their spending habits.

Rhian Brewster’s presence at Liverpool could give the reds an advantage over the clubs around them- as having young, quality, backup players could replace the high-cost purchases that would usually be expected from a club in Liverpool’s position.

If Liverpool can manage to get 10 to 15 goals out of Rhian Brewster in the 20/21 season it will surely be considered a success, as the first team are in need of a backup striker that can be relied upon to be a consistent threat to opposition defences, and getting that for free would be a huge bonus.