Van Dijk’s Defiant Response After His Arsenal Mistake

Virgil Van Dijk made a rare error in Liverpool’s defeat to Arsenal at The Emirates, but he’s ready to take full responsibility and move on.

The number 4 told Sky Sports: “Well, obviously the goals we gave them as a present.”

“I think until their first goal it was totally us, we dominated, put pressure on them and we gave them two goals and obviously then it’s difficult to come back. 

“We created some opportunities, I think they tried to break on us at times but obviously if you give the goals away like this, like we did today, including myself, then you get what you deserve.”

Liverpool have been accused of being complacent since mathematically winning the title, but the Dutch centre back was quick to dismiss the idea that the players aren’t giving 100% every week.

“It’s too easy to say that, it’s too easy to blame that as well I think”

“If you watched the game then you can see that until I made a mistake, there was nothing wrong. We played well, I had a feeling we could win here comfortably at one point, but obviously if you give them the goals you see what happens. 

“Unfortunately I made the mistake, I take the blame for it of course. I take it as a man and we move on. We’ll try to win the last two games and get a well-deserved break, but we don’t need to forget that we had a fantastic season already.”